Walking for Honduras

Stephanie van Hoeijen completed a “Walking for Honduras “Camino fundraiser. She walked 900 KILOMETRES! from France to Spain, to reach Santiago de Compostela and eventually Finesterre, a 1.5 month walk that raised over $1000 for Charmont Bilingual Academy Breakfast Program. So incredible! Congratulations Stephanie and thanks to all of your supporters! Check out her website! 

Charmont Bilingual Academy Teachers!

This team of mentors literally changes lives every day. And our students change theirs too. If you are looking for a rewarding opportunity, please contact Val. See her request and contact info below.

Charmont Academy is looking for an English teacher for grades one to four. We don’t care if you speak a word of Spanish but you MUST be completely fluent in English, speaking and writing. You Don’t need to be a qualified teacher but you must be bright, creative and flexible. Charmont is a special school for children living in poverty and kids affected by AIDS. If you want to make a difference in this world this is it! Job starts Feb 3 and lasts until the end of November. Accommodation is available. If you are interested please send me your resume at vlnelson113@yahoo.com!

Graduation Day!

Congratulations to our senior grads and grade 9 grad! We are very proud of you and wish you all the best in your future! Thank you to our sponsors. You are helping these kids forge a whole new path. It is so exciting to see them move on to futures they never could have dreamed of without their education.

Jazmine, grade 9 grad. – awarded “Honors” (over 90% average in all subjects.)

Yanika: Colegio grad, Baccalaureate in Computers, Valedictorian. Awarded “Honors “ (over 90% average in all subjects), Best Internship.

Briana: Colegio grad, Baccalaureate in Computers, Group Spirit Award, Best Internship award.

Alijah: High School grad. Awarded “ Best Imagination “

Hayley: High School grad. Awarded “ Most Persevering “ award.

Photo credit: Dottie Ewing

Thank you, Palma Real in LaCeiba, for being a company that cares about where they operate and give back locally.

“For years now Palma Real, outside of LaCeiba, has gifted us a weekend for a few of our kids. In November Ms. Deborah and Ms. Valerie took TEN kids with us for a weekend of pool, mini-golf, water park and all you can eat buffet (and believe me, for some of our kids that is a LOT of food). A real vacation for two nights and three days. I want to thank both Alejandro Luna from Palma Real (one of the most wonderful places in Honduras for a vacation!) for his kindness as well as Galaxy Wave for the passage over as we couldn’t afford that many tickets! For these kids to have such a special weekend away is the experience of a lifetime. Last year one of our children, who had gone previously, told me it was the best time of his life, A few months after he died. You have no idea how wonderful this is for these kids!”
– Val Nelson

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