Visiting Roatan

I had the pleasure of visiting Roatan for a week and seeing Familias Saludables clinic and Charmont Bilingual Academy. I am amazed at the incredible efforts to create miracles. From the crab races and Sweet Shack fundraisers to the dedication of teachers, volunteers and friends of the project… I am beyond grateful for all of our friends (YOU!) who are a critical part of this amazing project. I wish every single one of you the chance to see it and am hoping to share some pics and stories over the next few months so I can take you with me…

School is back in session! Teachers were busy training and getting their rooms prepped for the year. The school looks bright, cheerful and organized. The school is a renovated house and we also have Hampton Hall right next door for our seniors and to house group assemblies etc. Over the next few newsletters we will talk about some of the programs and core values at CBA. A few pics…

Kindergarten: from the left John carlos, Carlos a little behind him, then Joseph, Lear,behind Lear is Carla, in front is Yonathan Behind him is Ferrik, in front of him is Serena and at the end is Walter, Miah was sick that day.

Grade 1 and 2: the three little girls in the front are, from the left, Merlya, Kathleen and Alexandra. Second row from the left. Pedro, Kely, Yadiel, Keiren and Angelly, back row leaning out is Angeline, Brianna David and Keirsten.

Grade 3 and 4: in front Cristian, being hugged by Catherine, to her right Geidi, Lucas, Noel, Kisha, Joel. Behind Noel is Shamari, behind her is Tyson. To the right of the teacher *Ms. Emily, is Kiara, then Johan and Maryorie.

Grade 5 and 6: front from the left is Christopher, Joah, Genisis and Jada. In the back from the left is Kristoff, Jamaya, Jayna, Frank, Jennifer and Jaime.

Grade 7-12: Wow, don’t know where to start on this one! In front is Gerald, on the right (holding her arm) is Nahomy, beside her with thumbs in jeans is Mathew, Beside him with long braids is Alijah, Briana with her new glasses and Kendra with the red earrings. to the right of Kendra is Jasmine, behind her is Clinton. Over to the right again back row is Ivory, Kerissa, Gabriella in front of her, Sheranie behind her, Nicole hugging Sheranie. Molly in front of her (Moisha was absent) and of course, Yanika, whose head is on the school sign!

Hope you enjoyed the photos. For more, please visit our facebook page, Charmont Bilingual Academy. Cheers!

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