Update from Val – Thank you for your donations!

Message from Valerie

I’m home!! After a month of hospitalization, tests , treatments and more treatments and then some needed rest I am home. Thank God for Canadian medical care as I know I would not have survived this without it. Thank you to Lesa and Tyler and Debbie and Wayne for opening their homes to me when I was discharged to rest. Thanks Lesa for being my “person”. Thanks Sue and Miranda and Monica for taking me out and thank you to Laura G for arranging my flight and hotel to Canada as well as the Amazon delivery in the emergency room! Thank you to all who contributed on the Go Fund Me page to cover the costs. A big thanks to Jane and Shandy and Ashley who held down the fort while I was gone! I have missed all my family and my school kids so much I am ready to get back to work! Most of all I realize how lucky I am to be alive and to be Canadian and have such great friends.

Thank You

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