Time to Shop for the Christmas Miracle!

Dear Friends and Family of the Morgan Jayne Children's Foundation, 

You may be asking why are we asking for toys when we are hardly able to feed our families. Well the answer is, you have to keep little dreams alive. And this year especially, every child deserves a Christmas.

This year there will not be any clothing, books, or shoes on the list, but we want to give each child a toy. A toy that will remind them that there is joy and magic in this world, even though times are hard. We only have a few weeks to complete the list and we have 172 children on our list and only handful of gifts bought. Together we can bring a little light into the children’s lives!

The last day to order is November 13 for the gifts to be shipped to Florida, where they are then directed to Honduras. Please help if you can. Even picking just one item from the list makes a huge difference! 

Things to Remember When Buying:

Shipping is free on orders over $25 dollars (without having Prime).

Please select Gift Registry address at checkout. All shipping details have already been selected for this.

If you have to enter in the address make sure to select weekday delivery only. The address is: Valerie Nelson 3740 West 104th Street Suite 1 Hialeah, Florida, 33018 USA

If you have to enter in the address, use your own phone number so if there is issues they will contact you.

When checking out, check the delivery date and choose least amount of packages.

Prices are always changing on the Amazon, so if you see a price looks high, something is no longer available, or the item no longer has free shipping, please let Lesa Halicki know and she will change it. (You can contact her through FB.)

And last but not least, if you are planning on buying gifts, please don’t put it off. Valerie usually gets a big shipment at the end that exceeds her limit and she is then required to pay duty. Smaller more frequent shipments are ideal. If you see items that say they don’t ship to your location change the delivery in the top left corner to US zip code.

If you would rather donate cash and have Lesa make the purchases, she has set up a GoFundMe for this purpose. Lesa has Prime and free shipping!

Please Help Spread the Word

The joy the Christmas Miracle brings to the children of Roatan is a day of excitement that literally builds all year long. And well – this year has been difficult to say the least. The kids have been on lockdown since March so their lives are a struggle. 

We understand if you are also having a difficult time and if you can’t give, please share. You can still make a difference! Send the list far and wide to invite people to bring Christmas to Roatan children. Join our Christmas Miracle Facebook group. Invite friends! Share on social media. Ask your groups, friends, church, neighbors, co-workers to buy just one toy… it means everything to children who have nothing. 

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