The Christmas Miracle 2021

It's That Time of Year... The Christmas Miracle 2021!

Dear Friends and Family of The Morgan Jayne Children’s Foundation: 
Every child deserves a Christmas. The joy the Christmas Miracle brings to the children of Roatan is a day of excitement that literally builds all year long. 
This year we want to give each child a toy. A toy that will remind them that there is joy and magic in this world, even though times are hard. We only have until November 12 to order and we have 185 children on our list. Together, we can bring a little light into their lives!
Items are priced between $10 – $25. Even picking just one item from the list makes a huge difference! 
NOTE: You won’t be able to see the list on mobile. Please go on your desktop to view and make purchases. 

Pro Tip: If you have questions on how to navigate the list, be sure to check the tips and tricks on our Christmas List Facebook Page, or message me on FB or the fabulous Christmas List organizing extraordinaire, Ashlee Jones.

Don't Have Time to Shop? We've Got You

That’s right. We know. Going through a list and picking items is time-consuming. That’s why we’ve created an easy-peasy GoFundMe just for this reason! Our board member Laura (that’s me!) has Amazon Prime and will shop with the funds donated. We’re also planning to give every child a fun stocking, so stocking stuffers are a vital part of the GoFundMe fundraising efforts

Another Way to Help: SHARE!

We know that the past year has been incredibly difficult for so many – and for some of us – receiving fundraising emails like this one can be stressful. The good news is, there’s another important (and free!) way to help: share.

Send the list far and wide to invite people to bring Christmas to Roatan children. Share on social media. Ask your groups, friends, church, neighbors, co-workers to buy just one toy… it means everything to children who have nothing. Here is the link.

Our greatest fear is having the list partially fulfilled. That would mean, some children get something, while others don’t. Though this hasn’t happened yet in all the years we’ve been doing The Christmas Miracle, each year, we worry nonetheless. Getting this list completed before November 12 is vital for the gifts to arrive in Roatan before the big day. 

Thank you, Katie!

Katie Young, a high school student in Alberta, Canada has spent the last few months making friendship bracelets and selling them to raise food for the food bank project Valerie runs from the office, which feeds the most needy of families. Through her efforts, she raised $550!

Katie has never been to Roatan (though we hope she will now). She heard of our plight through friends and wanted to help. Her proud Dad matched her donation to bring it to $1100 from his company PlanetCom! The future is bright when we have people like Katie making a difference.

Thank you, Katie and Dad!

School Robbery

Sadly, we feel we must include news of the recent school robbery. Thieves used wire cutters to get through the fencing and stole the water pump, went into the kindergarten classroom and stole the TV as well as the children’s sweaters. They took one of the windows of the computer lab out, climbed in and stole computers and broke into the kitchen and stole a week’s worth of food.

Val’s daughter Jane says, “I know we are trying to get a watchman, maybe a camera system if we can afford it. We will get through this. I just think that maybe when these men who did this were children, if they were given the chance to go to a school like this when they were small, they would be different, make better choices and understand why it is better to build something up not tear it down.”

A huge thank you to all those who sent Valerie donations to help pick up the pieces. We are forever grateful. 

Ready to spread some joy?

We are excited to fulfill the dreams of all our kids this Christmas! And with your help, we can do this. Remember the deadline is November 12, so don’t wait. This is the true meaning of Christmas—to give joy to those who most need it. Thank you for spreading light and love. 

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