Thank you for giving them Christmas!

Moving Forward in 2021

Dear Friends and Family of The Morgan Jayne Children’s Foundation: 
We wanted to share some pictures to show you the immeasurable impact you have made on the lives of families and children in Roatan. These are photos of children who would otherwise not have Christmas presents if it wasn’t for your ongoing generosity! It was a great day complete with Santa, treats and gifts galore. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Changes are Coming: The Charmont Bilingual Academy

Firstly, please watch our new promo video. We love it! Thank you to our talented friend Rafael Rivera at ICREA Productions. We are so grateful.

2021: Looking Ahead

2020 was difficult for all the students and staff of Charmont Bilingual Academy. While the children still underwent remote learning, the lease on the building the school was in was was terminated.

The New School
Valerie says: “We have always known the school was too small so we went on the hunt for something larger and cheaper. Good news, we found it. Here’s what we’re getting!
• Paying half the rent we were before
• Huge yard for kids to play
• Bigger classroom
• Separate library
• Private office
• Large kinder area
• Private bathroom 

Work has already began on the renovation of a new school. Valerie cashed in her RRSPs to fund it.

Valerie says: “The kids are going to love the huge yard after living with such a tiny yard for years. The downside is the place has been neglected for years because the owner lives in the States. He has agreed that the renovation costs will come off our rent so that is great, but as always we are short on funds. We need about another $6,000 to complete the renovations. I know we have asked you for help feeding our families for so long but now I need any donation you can make to help us get the school ready for February when we will reopen. It will allow us to be better and bigger at a smaller cost. We have an amazing American team who are coming to build the library for us so that is a great savings. If you believe education is the answer to poverty, as I do, please contribute.”

You can PayPal or bank transfer it to Or check out the Amazon school supplies wish list below! Please note shipping takes about 6 weeks and the Roatan school year starts in February. If you want to donate supplies, the time is now!

Note: Please ensure the shipping address is:
Valerie Nelson
3740 W 104TH ST UNIT 1

Food Fridays

We knew that scrambling for food Fridays indefinitely was not a sustainable vision. And we want to profoundly thank you for all your help in getting these families fed throughout the crisis. As a solution, we are making the office into a makeshift food bank that supplies rice and beans… and other food (when we can purchase it). We are lucky enough to have a few “Roatan Angels” who have been donating to us on a monthly basis!

Thank You

You have continued through these hard months to feed our families and give the children a Christmas even though things are tough for everyone. Now… who’s ready to build a school?!

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