Thank you for feeding the children!

Crisis on Roatan

Dear Friends and Family of the Morgan Jayne Children's Foundation, 

We wanted to share some pictures to show you the immeasurable impact you have made on the lives of families and children in Roatan. These are photos of children who would otherwise go hungry if it was not for your donations. 

We wish we had a better update to share, but sadly, Covid-19 island stats are growing into the hundreds, with 12 deaths. So now, the people are not just having to deal with unemployment, lock-down and poverty—but the disease is beginning to rear its head. 

Valerie says, “The virus wasn’t real for us before, just the lock-down. But now that cases are growing, the lock-down won’t ease up, and therefore poverty increases. When I got out of my car at the supermarket today I was swarmed by people begging for food.”

Why Isn't the Government Doing Anything?

While many of us reading this newsletter from the comforts of our North American lifestyle, it is unfathomable to think that the government is not doing anything to help its people. The tourism industry is dead and therefore 80% of the island is unemployed. The strict lock-down rules only worsen the ability of the people to sustain themselves and get food. 

Worse, they collect foreign aid, which then disappears. They spent $5 million, given by the U.S. to create a Covid hospital, which ended up being three canvas tents with mattresses on the floor.

Valerie says, “You can not find a blank wall that is not spray painted with ‘Where’s the money?’ The people are mad, they know some of those millions was to buy food and yet the government has spent less than $100,000 on food relief.”

The people say they are declaring war on the government who has looted them. United, they hope to expose the corruption and give back power to the people.

What we need

We had hoped that the situation of having to buy food for 51 families each week would be a temporary one. We don’t like continuing to ask. But this is where we are. The government has basically given its job to Valerie—a private citizen, along with a group of wonderful volunteers—who have had to take charge of feeding families. But the money has run out and she needs over $1200/week to feed them. Please PayPal Valerie at

Thank you!

Valerie says, “You are amazing! You have continued through these hard months to feed our families, even though I know things are tight for everyone. I need your help again. I do not have a single penny left to buy groceries this Friday. I know I have asked again and again but please look at these faces from last Fridays grocery day and see how happy and grateful these children are. You are saving lives. If you can even give $5 it will help!”

Some Joy

No matter what’s going on, we never like to end our newsletters on a “doom and gloom” note. There’s always joy to be had. And our donors always find ways to spread it. 

It was Children’s Day last week and Valerie raised extra funds for candy from angels and little prizes. Janell Stengel sent cookies and toys and clothes and shoes for the kids. We received Peanut Butter from Debbie Smith (a favorite treat for the kids!) and Ms. Ashlee Jones contributed a prize box. There were so many others of you who have given so much. Thank you. Look how happy the kids were with their surprises!

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