Food Fridays

Since Covid-19, the situation on Roatan has been nothing short of a humanitarian crisis. Without the tourism industry, particularly cruise ships, the people are not working and there are no unemployment benefits, food banks or government support. Valerie is buying and delivering food for families who she considers are in an “emergency situation” – she considers it an emergency if the children haven’t eaten in three days. So we’ve been actively raising $2500 a week to feed the 51 families on her list. 

Calling All Angels

We are putting a call-out for “Roatan Angels” – donors who will commit to setting up monthly automatic payments to Valerie on an ongoing basis until the food situation is under control. 

Not knowing if she will make it each week, and having to triage if she’s short is an immense and difficult burden. The truth is, the situation has gotten more dire than we ever imagined. Optimistically, we had hoped the crisis would slowly wane. But it hasn’t. Crime has tripled on the island as people become more desperate to feed their families. If she doesn’t get enough funds each week, Valerie must either “triage,” or remove items from her shopping list.

The Numbers:

  • $50 feeds a family for one week.
  • 80% of the population is unemployed. 
  • Most families have not made a dollar in months

How to Become a Roatan Angel

Imagine not knowing whether or not you and your children will eat next week. Please consider becoming a Roatan Angel by clicking on the link below and setting up ongoing monthly donations. We will keep you posted through an exclusive “Roatan Angels” newsletter so you know how your donation is being spent and receive pictures of kids. You have our word that we will let you know as soon as the crisis eases up so you can adjust or stop your monthly contributions. But as of today, it’s an emergency. If you prefer e-transfer over PayPal, you can set up payments through your bank to be sent to

A Simple, Two-Step Process:

  1. Set up your monthly donation by clicking on the Donate button below. Select the “Make this a monthly” donation box and enter the desired amount. 
  2. Officially register as a “Roatan Angel” by clicking here. This helps us to keep track of our angel donations and so we can be sure to send you important updates.

    100% of your donation is spent on food for these families. Become an angel today.

Food Fridays in Pictures