May 26, 2020

Friday's Food Delivery

This tough grandma, who is raising seven kids, watches in relief as they hungrily receive Friday’s food delivery.

Dear Friends of The Morgan Jayne Children's Foundation:

First and foremost, we were overwhelmed with gratitude for your generosity. The money you all donated fed over 40 families for three full weeks! We couldn’t do this without the big hearts of people like you.

This is fifth grader Catherine and her mom Reina as they receive their food. Catherine is an amazing student and has earned honors for the last three years.

First Covid Case on the Island

Shortly after the island opened internally, Roatan got its first case. A man illegally snuck over from the mainland on a boat in the middle of the night, was caught, then tested positive. He was asymptomatic. Though he has been quarantined, he came with 14 friends who haven’t yet been caught, though the governor has made a plea to them to turn themselves in. They are somewhere on the island and could be spreading it. The lockdown has now been reinstated and time will tell when the restrictions will be lifted. With the tourism industry shut down, families on Roatan have no way to make money.

Difficult Times

This is Keirsten in the new family home. They had to move from their last home due to lack of money for rent. Keirsten lives with his grandma in a wheelchair and since this apartment is on the second floor, she has to crawl up the stairs.

Valerie's Triage

Valerie’s deliveries are difficult to say the least. She and her amazing team of volunteers spend 12 hours each Friday delivering $1,500-$2,000 worth of food to hungry families. But the money is running out. Her list has grown to 43 families, and she may have to make the very difficult decision to triage. How do you tell a family that you can no longer bring them food? 

Again, we are asking for your help. Whatever you can give makes a big difference.

  • $50 feeds a family for one week. If she doesn’t get enough funds, Valerie must “triage” and remove families from her list.
  • Most families have not made a dollar in almost two months.
  • Only supermarkets, banks and pharmacies are allowed to be open and residents can only go one day out of every two weeks.

Please donate if you can, reach out on your social media feeds, or ask your friends and families to contribute, too. Donations are best received via Val’s PayPal or e-transfer as it gets to her directly at

Other Ways to Help

With Covid-19 affecting all our lives in different ways, social distancing is preventing us from fundraising for the kids in Roatan the way we are used to. So, we are changing our tactics. Do you shop online? Great! Simply join our team on FlipGive and start shopping through the app or our team page and we’ll earn money every time you shop with popular brands like Starbucks, Amazon, Tim Hortons, Indigo, Sportchek, Esso and so much more. 

How to join:

1. Click here.

2. When you are prompted for a join code, enter K7VRPZ.

3. Remember to use FlipGive before you shop online so we’ll earn cash back – make a purchase within the first 14 days of joining and we’ll receive an additional bonus! Thank you everyone! Happy shopping 

Breaking News: Baby Ava is STILL Adorable!

The most pinchable cheeks in the world! Baby Ava is thriving and looking cuter than ever! Valerie reports, “She is the only one who benefits from all this, as quarantine has kept all germs away for her so she is 13 lbs now and has chubby little legs. She is so spoiled as she has seven adults and two kids who adore her so if she is alone for three seconds she raises her arms and yells ‘eh’ to make sure everyone pays her more attention. I love this little girl so much; she is my secret stress relief. I’m the one who puts her to bed and gets up and feeds her twice at night. There is nothing like rocking a baby to get rid of your stress, I look down at her in my arms, my heart explodes and nothing else matters. We have been so lucky to have her formula, without it she would have to live in the hospital.”

As you may know, little Ava has severe allergies, but thanks to everyone pitching in to donate, she’s been getting the special formula she needs. If you are able to help, her formula is gratefully received. Please ship to: 

c/o Valerie Nelson
3740 W 104TH ST UNIT 1
HIALEAH, FL 33018-1227
United States

A Message from Yanika, Recent Charmont Graduate

“I just want to thank all of the kind-hearted people that are helping us islanders during this pandemic. We have no idea what we would’ve done without your help. You give us hope that someday we will surpass this. Your generosity warms our hearts, we are so blessed that people like you still exist in this world and from the bottom of our hearts we want thank all of the donors. I want to thank Miss Valerie and her volunteers that have been going above and beyond to make sure we have something to eat every week. Thank you so much!”