Island Clean Up

Students from CBA participated in an island cleanup. Private and public schools and companies worked together in a mass effort to help keep Roatan beautiful. We are proud of our kids for being a part of this special effort and making their communities better.

Special Thank You

Christmas is on its’ way to Roatan! To all who purchased gifts on Amazon for the Christmas Miracle, thank you. And to our amazing board member Lesa for adding and managing this huge list! And to Devin in Honduras for taking on the task of finding out what each child hopes for. For those of you who wonder why the list is done the way it is, Valerie Nelson shared this info… Christmas gifts are arriving! Thank you to all of you who made this miracle happen. I want to tell you about why we do this, why we don’t, like some other charities, just throw a soccer ball or a doll at them and move on. Now I think it’s great people give kids who normally wouldn’t get anything for Christmas a gift, those charities are great, but that is not what WE are doing. Those gifts are great but the children know that those gifts were not special for them, they know if they were not there some other child would have gotten them Here,in our program, our children do not get what they want all year long.Think about that , Your kids ask daily for new shoes, soccer uniforms, trips to McDonalds etc. and they usually get them. Here, most children never even ask . They certainly don’t ask for anything for birthdays and Christmases. So once a year we let them pick a couple toys they would like, we add an outfit, shoes and a book to that and poof a miracle happens. Children who felt they were of no importance or value in this world have one day a year where they feel special, someone cared enough to get them what THEY wanted. The boost to these kids self esteem is amazing! It doesn’t just last one day, it lasts all year long. It helps them do better at school, it helps them deal with losses in their family better, it helps them grow into people who want to make a difference . It helps them grow into people like you!


October 14: 45 pounds of meat, two trays of stuffing, 50 lbs. potatoes, two pots of gravy, corn, green beans , chocolate pie, lemon meringue pie, banana cream pie, apple pie, raisin pie, mincemeat pie. and we had enough left over from your donations to add ice-cream! Thank you for sharing your good fortune with our kids, the opportunity for them to have a feast is a life changing event for some of them and just fills others tummies with goodness.

Thank you to everyone who helped with donations for this special day. We are thankful to be able to share this holiday of gratitude across our countries.

Hondruan pride… Celebrating Independence Month!

Halloween Fun at CBA

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