How We Spent Your Money

Week after week, Valerie delivers.

I want to thank everyone for helping to make our dream for a new school, a reality. We are so close and it took so many people I don’t want to start naming them because I know I will miss many people. Thank you to all of you who have donated. Thank you to people like Wally from Wally’s electric for his many, many hours doing our electrical, and to all our wonderful parents and students who have been coming to paint. This is the school that love built!

We will be able to take many children off our waiting list. We have a great space for the kids to play, a beautiful library and a kinder where the kids can play in the classroom.

We are about $4,000 short to buy sheetrock for the library and two classrooms. If you can help us accomplish this dream we would all be so grateful! Please PayPal or bank transfer Valerie at Make sure to note that the donation is for the school build.

Dear Friends and Family of the Morgan Jayne Children's Foundation, 

Not all of our donors are on social media, so we feel it’s important to get the word out to all of you directly. We want to say thank you. These families thank you. We now have 51 families on Valerie’s list and it’s pictures like this one that warm our hearts. 

What's Happening on Roatan?

Roatan will be on lockdown for at least another month. And your donations are critical. The 51 families on our list – people who no longer have any income to speak of—are able to survive with the addition of island fish and fruit. Families are so grateful.

We need to keep them fed for the next month. If you can spare a donation to keep us going, $50 feeds a family for a full week! All donations should be sent to Valerie’s e-transfer or Paypal at

It’s helpful to include a note in the donation so that Valerie knows the money is delegated for groceries. We cannot begin to express how meaningful and life changing your support has been for so many people, especially the children.

Food Fridays!

One of the teens told Valerie that Fridays are the best day of the week for them. The chicken is cooked and spread out over three meals over the weekend. Any extra rice is mixed with the small bag of dog food we give them for the dogs. The kids in his family and their dogs wake up happy on Fridays, knowing they will be fed for days!

Good news!

Valerie says: “There’s so much bad news and a lot of hate, but in my world there is so much goodness, loving and caring! Every week amazing people donate to help our families feed our children… a week when these parents do not have to put their children to bed hungry. How wonderful is it for people half a world away to donate so parents they’ve never met don’t have to listen to their children cry with hunger? Every single week, people who often only have a few dollars to spare, do so to help children here.

We even have Isabella Waldman, who feeds our dogs with donations of 50 lbs of dog food most weeks. If that was not a big enough miracle of love, this week I have had another miracle. I have been without a vehicle for months now and our grocery runs and shipping has required a ton of borrowed or rented trucks. Well Nic VanZee, a local hero who feeds many people at his restaurant, The Shack, gave me a great deal on his big van… and then a donor then stepped up to buy it! The donor wishes to remain anonymous. Caring and compassion makes the world a better place.”

Today is Food Friday! Valerie and her team of angels will spend the day purchasing food and loading up the van. They will go to the Swamp area, the poorest part of the island, where they will drive from home to home, delivering the groceries these families have been eagerly waiting for. Raising $2,500 each week has been challenging; we’ve never faced a crisis like this one. But you’ve stepped up. You’ve made it happen. You’ve fed hungry children.

That… is all YOU.

If you can find it in your heart, donate whatever you can directly to Valerie via PayPal or e-transfer to

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