How Covid-19 Has Affected Roatan

Urgent Assistance Needed

Dear Friends of the Morgan Jayne Children's Foundation, 

We hope you are staying well during this incredibly difficult time. What’s happening on Roatan is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis. Since Covid-19, the island has shut down and without the tourism industry, 80% of the island’s residents are not working and there is no assistance from the government. There is no employment insurance or welfare. Therefore, Valerie has been buying and delivering food for families who she considers are in an “emergency situation.” She considers it an emergency if the children haven’t eaten in three days.

Recently with the funds she received from donations, Val went to deliver food and her truck was swarmed by hungry people, which was scary for her and also a sobering sign of the poverty and starvation they are facing.

While there are no known cases on the island, they have increased the lockdown as the virus is spreading on the mainland and they have refused to make an exception for Roatan.

“Others think we are lucky we have no virus here yet, but we are in deep trouble. We need to be able to live through the next eight weeks or so until we can open up again. Today one of our dads was crying when I talked to him telling me when his two small children go to bed hungry he feels unbearable pain that he cannot provide for them.” – Valerie 

$1,200 Needed by Friday!

In order to feed the 35 families on her list, Valerie desperately needs $1,200.

• $50 feeds a family for one week
• If she doesn’t get enough funds, she must “triage.”
• Most families have not made a dollar in six weeks.
• Only supermarkets, banks and pharmacies are allowed to be open and residents can only go one day out of every two weeks.
Please donate if you can, reach out on your social media feeds, or ask your friends and families to contribute, too. 

The money is best received via Val’s PayPal or e-transfer as it gets to her directly at

Uplifting News

Rent! Thanks to the generosity of one of our sponsors, Val was able to gift Clinton and his grandma (and another family!) their rent money. In this photo, Clinton’s grandma is saying “Bless you Ms. Heather,” through her tears. 

Spam! It’s a huge hit on the island and one of our donors was kind enough to send Spam as well as granola bars to everyone! If you’d like to send us food, you can do so via Amazon or and ship to our FL address:

c/o Valerie Nelson


United States

Homework! If you sponsor a child that attends Charmont Bilingual Academy, don’t worry, Val was able to get homework and remote learning packets to all the students. 

Dolls! Along with groceries, Val was able to spread some extra joy by giving out brand new dolls. One of our sponsors had this doll collection for many years, most of them were in the box collectors editions and she sent them to the kids, knowing they would be ripped out of the boxes and played with.

c/o Valerie Nelson


United States

Breaking News: Baby Ava is Still Super Cute!

In other uplifting news, Baby Ava is thriving and looking cuter than ever! She has severe allergies, but thanks to everyone pitching in to donate, she’s been recieving the special formula she needs. If you are able to donate, here are the links to buy her special formula. Please ship to the FL address above.

Thank you!

We want to take a moment to thank you all – friends, family, sponsors, volunteers – everyone who has donated just once, or continues to support us throughout the years… we are now on our seventh year of 0% mother-to-infant transmission rate. We couldn’t save lives without you. 

Valerie recently said that she’s so grateful to be able to deliver food to these wonderful kids and their families. She couldn’t do it without your support. So what do you say? Think we can raise $1,200 in just a few days? Let’s do this. 

Every week when I walk into the local supermarket to buy the groceries, I feel like the luckiest person on this island.” – Valerie Nelson

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