School is in full swing!

Guitar Lessons

As the days get hotter on Roatan, school is still in full swing! Here are a few peeks into the last couple months at Charmont Bilingual Academy.

Lots of students received guitars for Christmas. And now they are learning to play them, thanks to our wonderful volunteer music teacher, Miss Deb! Photo from Miss Emily, May 10. Early morning guitar rehearsal. Music is a beautiful therapy, a truly wonderful gift. These kids will develop a talent that will be a joy and an outlet for years to come!

Did you know? Fun facts about Roatan

1. There are more than 400 taxis on Roatan Island which only measures approximately 40 miles long and 3 miles wide. Most stay on the western half where majority of the population live and tourists vacation.

2. It is prohibited to build a building higher than 3 stories. There are no high rise buildings on Roatan.

3. You may come home to find your house has been invaded by thousands of ants, but don’t panic. These insects covering your ceiling are known as house cleaning ants which will sweep through your home, eat up small carcasses and leave within 30 minutes.

4. The town of Coxen Hole was named after a pirate, Captain John Coxen, who would frequently stop by Roatan. Roatan was home to more than 5,000 pirates.

5. Approximately 10 years ago lionfish made their way to the waters of Roatan. This fish is unfamiliar to native fish who do not recognize it as a predator and therefore threaten extinction to local plants and animals.

6. Many traditional beach homes on Roatan are built on stilts to protect from sand flies which can only fly a few feet vertically.

7. Roatan has two ports and receives between 600,000 and 1,000,000 cruise ship tourists each year.

8. Crocs are the popular shoe here on Roatan. Many women even prefer wearing high heel Crocs to any other heel.

9. You may think islanders on Roatan would listen to Caribbean music like calypso or reggae but many prefer to listen, sing along and dance to country music.

10. West Bay Beach, Roatan was named in the top 25 beaches of the world by TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards 2015.

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Mother's Day

Moms, and the people who play that role for a child, are critical life and community changers. This year our Mother’s Day celebration theme focused on Read a Book. Parents are strongly encouraged to read with their kids. It is one of the single most important predictors of a successful education!

CBA kids love to read and have access to amazing books in Johnny’s Library!

Meet Our Students!

Submitted by Miss Megan: In kinder on Friday we give out a stuffed animal that starts with the letter of the week. It goes to the hardest worker who listened best, improved, participated etc. By the end of the year each kid will have one (nobody gets it twice). This is Karla who won week one the ardvark/anteater. She’s a sweet, bright girl that forms her letters and numbers beautifully in her practice book and listens so well.

And this is Farick who won week two. (letter was B so bear) He’s a little spitfire that makes all of his teachers laugh. He’s very smart, tries his hardest, and has improved lots this week (I’m super proud)

School Projects

From Ms Sanchez: We found some branches of a tree during cleanup and we turned it into a work called “the tree of dreams.” For 3/4 grade


Special Request

Cristian is a little person. The first time I met him he was dancing a little jig, it filled me with joy. His legs are becoming extremely bowed, soon he will not be able to walk and will need to be carried. Every day he walks a long distance to school and never complains about the pain. The fix is simple but unattainable for his single mom who struggles just put food on the table for her 4 kids. He needs surgery on his legs in order for them to be corrected and to grow properly. This surgery would have already been done for him in Canada if he lived here. Let’s make sure his future is bright. It will cost $7000 to completely change his life. If you would like to contribute any amount we thank you.

Please click here for more info.

School Field Trip

Fire station for grade 1/2. Thank you for a wonderful experience, I am sure a few of these kids have a new career goal!

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