Emergency Medical Intervention Needed for Valeri

Update on Valerie's Condition A Medical Emergency

Help the Helper

For the kids in Roatan, Valerie is life. She saved them from HIV as babies. Literally – through a combination of medication, prenatal education, and formula. As they grew up, she built them a school that came with wonderful teachers, a bi-lingual education, nutritious meals, and an annual Christmas Miracle. When Covid struck, she single-handedly raised money and delivered food to their homes so they wouldn’t starve.

Now we need to help the helper. Valerie has a very severe diabetic infection. We have gotten her on a flight back to Canada today so she can receive the emergency medical care she needs. The decent hospitals on the mainland are private and therefore unaffordable – and the conditions in the public hospital are atrocious. In Canada, she can get the care she desperately needs. But there will be costs associated to support her expenses while she’s there and we’ll need funds to purchase a return flight once she’s recovered.

Her recovery will likely involve physical therapy as the infection is in her foot. We’re also trying to figure out where she will stay once she’s released from the hospital. We don’t know what the future will bring, but we do know we need a world with a healthy and thriving Valerie in it. Please help her. She’s done so much to help others.

Thank You

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