Christmas in October!

Just as most people are thinking about Halloween we are thinking of Christmas! Every year at his time the children from our program excitedly come into our office or school to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. We need to do it early to allow shipping time. Every year we send that list to all of you and one by one, children who live in poverty, whose families are affected by AIDS, are given  a day of love, generosity and hope. The happiness every Christmas is unbelievable; I know you could all share in it. For one day of their lives they are fed and given something special that they wanted. It is magic for their soul and magic to watch. YOU are the magician! 

Click here to view this years WISH LIST!

You can choose from three things they have asked for. We have added a book, shoes and an outfit to each of their lists in their sizes and taste. Just scroll down the children’s names on the left and click to see what they want. You can pick one item or several items. Amazon will ship it free for Prime members (and you can get a trial membership in Prime just for this) to our shippers in Florida (the address is already in Amazon’s account). You can make such an incredible difference in the life of a child.