2016 Christmas Miracle

Christmas in October in Honduras


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It is that time of year again! Every year we list the kids in our program whose families are struggling. These kids have all been affected by AIDS (either they, or someone in their family). Poverty is the way in Honduras but living with AIDS makes it more difficult, AIDS makes it harder to get work because of the stigma associated with it. This is a country with no welfare, disability pay or unemployment insurance so your children go hungry of you do not have a decent job.

Many of our children are orphans as both parents have died, some of them only one parent is affected. Many of them live with grandparents or other relatives. Many of them attend Charmont Academy, our school for kids affected by AIDS. They will not have Christmas without you. They constantly struggle the rest of the year so Christmas is the one day a year we give them back their childhood, feed them and give them something they really wanted for Christmas.

Please go onto the link with Amazon and choose a child down the left side of the page. They have all told Santa what they want so we have shopped and made a list for all of them. We added a book and an outfit for each of them as well. If you have Amazon Prime (and you can get a free 30 day subscription if you don’t) you will get the shipping for free. Our address is attached to the list so they will ship it to Florida and a a boat will bring it to us. Please shop early as the shipping here takes a month to six weeks.( cut off day Nov 15th) Thank you for being these children’s angels.

Let me tell you about the children on our list:
(1) Sherani, age 12 lives with her single Mom and her
(2) Carlos, age 4.Carlos is the son of Sherani’s older sister who was much too young to properly care for him so her mom raises him.
(3) Mia age 1, was our smallest baby at the Christmas party last year, she lives with
(4) Gabriel age 11
(5) Genisis, age 8 and
(6) Anthony age 14. Their parents work hard to support their family
(7) Sharika age 11,
(8) Doris age 9,
(9) Jack age8 and
(10) John age 6 have had a very bad year as their father was murdered in a violent death with a machete. Their single Mom struggles to make a living
(11) Jayme age 8 attends our school in grade two , she is loving and sweet, She lives with
(12) Jazmin age4
(13) Josue age 4 and
(14) Dania age 3 months and their single mom and their grandmother. Their Mom has been very sick this year.
(15) Caterina age 2,
(16) Cristian age 15,
(17) Kevin age 10, as well as
(18) Pearla four months are all being raised by their Mom/grandmother who struggles with her sight as she loses more and more. Her husband died a couple years ago,
(19) Yoanie age 4,
(20 ) Abraham age 7 and
(21) Brishanee age 8 are three chubby faces cuties raised by their mother who used to be the kitchen manager at the school. They are very loving.
(22) Shamay, age 8 and
(23) Shantell age 12 are sisters who are raised by their single Mom . Island girls, they are tall for their age.
(24) Prince age 7 is being raised with his nephew
(25) Sebastian age 7 months. Sebastian’s Mom is the baby of Prince’s sister ,Venerie
(26) Cecia age 6,
(27) Javier 11 years and
(28) Denise age 4 months are all lovely children. The addition of their baby sister is a joy that is possible now as many of our clients viral loads are zero, allowing them to give birth without fear of transmission
(29) Crystal Valerie age 12 years is the single remaining child of her Mom and is adored by her Mom.
(30) Frank age 8 yearsand
(31) Kiara age 7 years are two very sweet children who are full of hugs every morning. They live with their brother
(32) Lucas age 5 years , who attends kinder in Charmont.
(33) George age 12,
(34) Anayeli age 8 and
(35) Schneider age 4 are all missing Alison who died at the age of ten this year. A rough year for them.
(36) Daniella age 12 also lost her little brother last year. She has been having a hard time with his death.
(37) Nisha age 4 lives with her single Mom a few steps away from her grandma who raises five other of her grandchildren,
(38) Emmanuel age 5,
(39) Angel age 9,
(40) Darlene age 11,
(41) Ramos age 10 and
(42) William age 12 are quite the handful for grandma to feed every day!
(43) Gabriella age 10 is a great student and lives with
(44) Alexandra age 4, lovely little girls!
(45) Kristoff , age 10 and
(46) Johan Kurt, age 6, live with their parents . Their mom has gone back to school to build a better future for her family.
(47) Syri, age 3,
(48) Avolet, age 6,
(49) Anderson age 5 and
(50) Isiany, age 2 all live with their grandma in East end. She is very resourceful to support them and feed them.
(51) Sashelin age 8. moved in with her grandma this year. Unfortunately grandma has died
(52) Kevin age 10 , his Mom died a couple years ago and then he got a step mom. She has had to leave him as well and, so now, he is broken hearted. He is on the verge of tears all the time. We give him as much love and support we can. He is grieving the loss of two mothers. HE lives with his Dad
(53) Victoria age 3,
(54)Victor age 3 and
(55) Teshanie age 5 are all Kevin’s siblings but they live with their other grandma so Kevin does not see them often. Victoria and victor were very preemie twins and they both have Cerebral palsy
(56) Jose age 4 months and
(57) Juan Carlos age 13 are new to our program. Jose is a beautiful baby.
(58) Kiffany age 14 lives with her mom and her aunt
(59) Brianna ,age 14 in a part of town called the Swamp. Two years ago one of our donor angels fulfilled Briannas dream and sent her to ballet school. Last year she passed her exam with the Royal Ballet of London. Brianna loves it and will be performing a dance for our graduation. You can bet she is the only ballerina in the Swamp. Kiffany’s sister is going to have a baby girl next month
(60) Sofia due in November
(61) Cristian age 6,
(62) Christopher age 9 and
(63) Gabriel age 10 are nice little boys who go to Charmont school along with their older sister ( see “16 and over” at the bottom of the list). Two of the boys have dwarfism are but are resourceful and participate in everything fully at school (and in life)
(64) Daniel age 13, Is also new to this program. His Mom died a couple years ago and he is being raised by his older sister.
(65) Aeriel age 9 is being raised by her hardworking single Mom. Work is always a struggle and Mom has placed two of her other kids to give them the best. Food and rent are her two biggest worries.
(66) Alejandra age 4 and
(67) Angel one month are being raises by their Mom who works so hard to support them.
(68) Gedi 6 years,
(69) Hilda 18 months and
(70) Pedro 5 years are all siblings who are are well loved.
(71) Jimaya age 9 is also full of hugs every morning, she lost her Mom a few years ago, She has two step brothers
(72)Adrian age 5 and
(73) Patrick age 2
(74) Glenda age 15,
(75) Tricia age 11 and
(76) Jenny age 8. All live with their grandma .They too, live in the Swamp.
(77) Nereida age 9 and her brother
(78) David age 12 are siblings devoted to each other.
(79) Bryan age 11 and his sister
(80) Samantha age 15 both attend the school. Their dad left this year so it has been hard for them as their Mom has gone back to work in the evenings so they can care for their brother. The live in the Swamp
(81) Daniel age 3
(82) Jasmi age 11,
(83) Norma age 9,
(84) Edguardo age 7, all ive with their Mom who struggles to feed them daily. Last year her daughter was murdered and so her grandchildren (85) Micheal age 10,
(86) Genisis age 5 and
(87) Loreni age 3 make it a full house with not enough food. Micheal suffered severe head trauma during the murder but he has had a good year and has regained many things including the ability to smile
(88) Jennifer age 8. Mom has been gone for two years ago. Most of the kids in our school have lost at least one parent and many, like Jennifer, are orphans who live with extended family.
(89) New baby. We have a new baby that will be born in December to a young Mom that has nothing.
(90) 16 years plus We have several children in the program who have hit the cutoff age of 16. They can still attend the party so we would like a gift for them. A watch for the girls or a soccer ball for the boys. If you can add one of these to your shopping we would be so happy.

Click here to see the list and donate today! Thank you!