It’s Your Birthday!

Dear Morgan Jayne, it’s your birthday and I want to wish you a happy birthday in heaven and just tell you how much you have affected so many people’s lives. Your Daddy,as you know, had so much grief and loss after you left that something had to happen. He could have drank or become self destructive but he chose the opposite and honored your memory by creating the Morgan Jayne Project. That project has provided thousands of cans of baby formula that has saved hundreds of babies lives and prevented parents from going through the grief that he has. It has paid for medication,clothing, food and even a house here to help these children and their families. Before the Morgan Jaybe project we were burying babies monthly. Now it is a rare occurrence. I know you are here in spirit loving all your dad and so many people do in your name. I know how proud you are. Happy birthday my red headed angel!

The Morgan Jayne Project

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