November 16, 2012

Fred Makowecki was recently interviewed by CTV about the Morgan Jayne Project.

September 23, 2012

We had a question from someone regarding our school sponsorship program…so here is goes:
Hi Thanks for being interested. There is nothing that changes a child’s future so dramatically than when we properly educate them. The public schools in Honduras are badly underfunded and the teachers very poorly trained.. their education is what we would consider a grade six education in Canada. Many children do not go to school at all as they cannot afford the uniforms. A recent study in Roatan by the education committee showed that only 20 %of children between 5 and 15 were attending school.
There are many ways you can help!
To sponsor a child for our school is one of the best ways you can make a difference. The cost is $600 a year or $50 a month for 12 months. That can be paid in one sum, two payments of $300 or monthly at $50. You can send the payments to The Morgan Jayne Project. We ask that you commit to a year of sponsorship at the minimum as it becomes very difficult when we have to withdraw a child because his or her sponsor stopped paying. There is an additional cost of $50 for the uniform at the beginning of the year for uniform and you can chose to donate that or make the family responsible for that cost. We can give you suggestions for a child off our waiting list or you can just tell us to pick the next child on the list. It easier right now as we can just quote children off the Christmas list and you can read about them there. We will give you their first name and details and you may email the child through me, we can set up Skype dates or you can come visit them! You can send them school supplies or gifts any time through the year.
If you want to read a little about some of our children who need sponsoring they are on the Christmas list. Of course if you can’t sponsor a child you can still help by sending back packs, school supplies, black shoes, white socks and teachers’ supplies. Every pencil helps!

September 18, 2012

Hello! Thank you for wanting to be part of bringing Christmas to Roatan. These are the children in our program who come from families affected by HIV who will not receive a Christmas present if you do not choose them. They come from families who have to struggle every day to feed their children so there is little leftover .We have written a little about each of the children but kept them in their family groups. You can select one child or do the whole family. We have tried to give you ideas about what each child might like but please don’t feel limited to these ideas! Sometimes the best presents are the ones we never would have thought of. The children all need clothes and shoes and if you can do that please do, but don’t feel obligated. All of the school age children will also need school shoes (black) and backpacks and school supplies so you could send those instead of a toy. The school season goes February to November here to avoid the rainy season. Even though the children put in a request for certain toys we are always careful to explain they may not get what they asked for.
You will notice that many of the mothers of babies want disposable diapers. We are very aware of the environmental issues involved with  these but our rainy season is four months long ( Nov – Feb) and if you do not have a dryer (which NONE of our clients do) you cannot get cloth diapers to dry in your living room for weeks, our air is so humid. The rest of the year we heavily support using only cloth diapers. You may send food stuffs (powdered milk, peanut butter, Kraft dinner, canned meats, baby cereal, nuts, etc) to a family if you wish. If you send candy please make it is in a zip lock bag so if it melts it will not destroy the gifts.
We do not give the children used toys or clothes as Santa only brings new things. Every child deserves to have new things and be special once a year. If you have good second hand clothes we welcome them but we will distribute them in the New Year. The exception is used video games, Gameboys,  Xboxes etc. as they are so desired here. If you have an old one the works we will gladly take it.
If you would like to give our office a present we need HP printer ink in # 21, 22 and 27
We welcome presents for the Moms and Dads as well!
Please don’t wrap the presents as customs will have to unwrap them. Please, if you send candy put in a zip lock bag in case it melts on the way here or gets waterlogged on the boat If you send a toy requiring batteries please send extra batteries. Please no guns!
The Families names have been changed to “girl, her, she, boy or he” to protect the children.
1) Girl (6 years) and Boy (1 year) these two little ones were abandoned by their mother and their Dad, a taxi driver, is trying hard to raise them himself. He spent a few weeks at our shelter (our first Dad!) and then found a new place to live. She has been sad without her Mom and has had to struggle with constant infections. She tells Santa that she would like a bicycle, or a baby doll with a bed. She is a size 6. He is a lively, beautiful boy who likes to laugh and LOVES his Dad. Dad says he would like something to push that makes music or anything that makes noise!
2) These three little girls live with their Mom in a small house in East end. The Rotary club of Rossland recently made them a project on their recent visit so they now have a cement floor, instead of dirt, walls and an outdoor toilet. She is ten and would like clothes and a dishes set. She is a quiet, serious little girl and helps her Mom with the baby. She is a size 12. She is three and shy at first but then loves to laugh and play. She wants a ride on- toy but as they live on a hill I’m thinking that not is the best choice. Perhaps a stroller and a doll or a wagon. Baby He is four months old and needs disposable diapers (for rainy season), cloth diapers and a playpen or small crib.
3) He is two months old and is the child of a VERY young Mom. He needs clothes, diapers, rattles and a bed. Mom is dyslexic and can’t read but baby books with pictures she could talk to him about would be wonderful.
4) Boy, age 9, is our super-hero; he has gone through so much illness and still comes out smiling. He would like a remote control car or some sort of video game ( it doesn’t have to be new).He is a size 10.His big sister Girl is thirteen and loves the pretty Barbies with long dresses. She would like some furniture or something to go with the Barbie so she can play with her. She loves pretty clothes and she is a size 14. The little sister Girl is five years old and has the sweetest little smile. She would like a kitchen set or a Dora doll.





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