November 1, 2011

Yesterday, with the help of some many caring people, we posted the last of 155 boxes of toys, formula and medical
supplies bound for the project.
The generosity of people from Drumheller and points beyond never ceases to amaze me. This year we are shipping almost 70 boxes more than last year. A total over 2 tons will be brightening the faces of children who seldom have much to be happy about. For this I am so grateful, thank you all.
Shipping costs were just under $9,000 a number that surprised everyone double last year, but makes sense given the number of parcels. We collected about $7200. We will continue to try and find the short fall somewhere. When we have satisfied the shortfall we will begin to collect to build up the stock of formula which is what saves the babies.
Thank you all for your generosity and love…we will continue to make a difference a world away, saving babies and honoring my daughter.
I love you all.
Merry Christmas.
Morgan’s Dad


September 28, 2011

My friends it is that time of the year.
For the past 5 years since Morgan’s death and the beginning of the Morgan Jayne Project we have made Christmas for children who daily wonder if they will have a meal, who are the head of a household at the age of 10, who live with indescribable poverty and who are or have someone in their family who have HIV or AIDS. For one day, thanks to your generosity, these children have for one day, the chance to just be a kid. Something we take so much for granted.
For you past help and support, thank you. You have made miracles happen.
We are looking to make it happen again this year. I have attached the Christmas Miracle list. Please remember for every child on this list there are 3 more watching in wonder over the fence. We can help them as well so the list can grow to match your generosity.
We strive to fill the list but as important is monies to cover shipping. Every small box costs us about $35-$40 to ship to Florida where it is taken by boat to the project. To save lives formula is always welcome. If you want to through a can along with your shipment that would just rock our world.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I am forever grateful for your generosity, support and encouragement that drives me daily to caring on with this legacy in Morgan’s name.
Thank you and Merry Christmas.
Fred Makowecki
Morgan’s Dad


Thank you for helping a Christmas miracle happen for the children of Roatan. These are children in our
AIDS program who, either their parents or they, are living with AIDS. As such, their lives are filled with
illness, discrimination and poverty. They have come into my office so I can write to Santa for them and
ask for a little Christmas Miracle.
A few notes: 
Please don’t wrap the gifts, as customs must go through everything. If they are wrapped that takes
hours of unwrapping during which the paper is destroyed and we have a hard time keeping straight
whose gift is whose. You may put it in a plastic bag or in an unsealed gift bag, please put the child’s name
clearly on the bag so we know who it belongs to.
Please don’t send:
1. Toy guns or weapons of any kind. We are trying to heavily discourage violence on this island where almost all males over 16 carry weapons, yes that includes water pistols.
2. Loose candy. If you send candy or foodstuffs please put it in a zip lock bag or plastic container so rats
and bugs and heat doesn’t melt it all over the gifts.
3. Presents that take batteries without the batteries. Many of our families can barely afford to feed their
children; batteries are out of the question even though they are available here to buy.
Please feel free to send! 
1. Food stuffs such as powdered milk, peanut butter, canned fish or meat, packaged or jarred nuts or
raisins, Kraft dinner, muffin or cake mix, baby cereal or formula.
2. Extra gifts for children we m may have missed as well as kids who will join the program before
3. Towels, perfume or lotions powdered milk, peanut butter etc for the moms.
4.Electronic games that are used, if your child has an outdated video game he/she no longer plays it
will be welcomed by our kids here as long as it works and you can send game cartridges as well.
Playstations, Gameboys etc. are the most coveted items of all here. We put these and give them out
for birthdays or special events.
5. Office supplies for our office, in particular HP printer cartridges 21, 22 and number 27.
6. School supplies, backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens etc, black school shoes required for boys or
girls of all sizes and white socks.
If you live aways away from Drumheller and would like to help by shipping your own
Christmas Miracle donations you can send them to:
Fundacion Sol
C/O Val Nelson
10025 – 116 Way
Medley, Florida 33178
We use Canada post as they are “in bond customs type shipping” and will give you the least problem getting the items
across the border. From the address above a ship will take our precious shipment directly to the island. The wording is
important as all donations fall under a special import license, please word your shipping label as above.
If you would like to make a monetary donation please make it out to The Dawn Land Children’s Foundation
Re: The Morgan Jayne Project Christmas Miracle on the Memo Line… send it to:
The Dawn Land Children’s Foundation
c/o Kate Adams
17905 98A Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta,
T5T 3L3
or Visit their website at: to make a paypal donation.
We would like to have all donations in by the 3rd week in October to insure that the miracle will happen.

The children and their families that need a miracle are:
1. This family has a single Mom who struggles to feed her family as she is so ill and cannot find a job as she is marked with the tell tale signs of an AIDS related skin disease so no one wants to hire her. They live in a shack with plastic garbage bag walls. Carlos is five and when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas two weeks ago he said powdered milk for his little sister and brother. He is a loving brother and needs to be just a child. He is fascinated with spaceships and star wars kind of things. He is a size 5. Justin is aged three and Carlos little brother. Justin has a Thomas the train book and is fascinated with trains now. He is a size 4. Isabella, aged two is their younger sister and loves Tinkerbelle. She is a size 2.
2. These children all live with their grandma, (a common thing here when the moms die or are too sick to care for them)
Grandma is also part of our women’s empowerment group and fights every day to feed her grandchildren.Ramos is six
years old and is outgoing and loves to play soccer and with cars. He is a size 6x. Darleny is also six, and in grade one. She
is very quiet and spends most of her time in the house helping her grandma. She would like a Barbie doll with clothes
and/or some Barbie accessories. She is a size 7. Angel (a boy) aged three, loves toy cars and motorcycles. He loves to
pretend to drive things and often will pretend to drive using a Frisbee as a steering wheel for hours. He is a size 4. Marcus
is the baby at one and half, He is a huge baby who has been in the formula program so his milk is provided for him. He
likes things that make noise and could use educational toys as he is developmentally behind. He is a size 3
3. Ava is the only child of her single Mom struggling to feed her little girl and herself. They live in a tent made of garbage
bags sticks and cardboard. Ava Isabella is 12 months and very delicate and fragile. Her single Mom has been unable to
find work sweeps the street make money for food. Ava would particularly need clothing, size 6 months and pampers (size
2) perhaps some sort of baby exercise mat?
4.This little girls’ Daddy never saw her as he was gunned down with several other boys while playing baseball by some
drug runners before she was born. Evolit is now 18 months. Her Mom woks hard and adores her little girl. Evolit is a
delicate little girl; her mom loves to keep her dressed well and takes great pains with her hair. Perhaps a doll or toy
dishes? She is a size 2.
5. This Mom is very ill and is not expected to live more than a few more months. They live underneath a friend’s house in a
dirt floored enclosure. Ashanti is ten and is very sociable, she loves playing house and tells me she would like toy pots and
pans she she is a size 10.F. James is one year old and has lived some time s in the Infant Care Center with us to give the
family a break ad decrease his pneumonia eisodes.
6. This little boy’s sweet faced, 17 year old Mom died giving birth to him. He is now living with relatives on the Mainland but
he comes back for Christmas with us. Henry is three now and a happy little guy who loves construction sites and things
that can be built so maybe trucks or Lego?
7. Balerie Krystal, age seven This little girl has had a hard year in school as she has been diagnosed with a learning
disability and repeated grade one. . She LOVES pretty clothes and is our “princess” She would like Books (English or
Spanish).She loves Barbie’s and princesses. She is a size 10.
8. This little family is headed by a single mom who is one of our most faithful volunteers. Mom has struggled to find work
this year. Denia is 14 She is a tall, very, very thin little girl who one day will be beautiful like her mother. She is quiet and sad
but loves her family and likes music and clothes. She is a size 12 . Sherani is six and is Denias’ little sister. Sherani has a
lot of friends and loves to play with them with Barbies, coloring, crafts and games. Elizabeth Jania is two years old and a
very fat chubby, happy child. She thrives in the attention of her family. She is actually the girl’s cousin but is being raised in
their family as her mom is unable to care for her. She would like a baby doll with some doll clothes. She is a size 4.
9. Tracey at 16 would like some baby things for the twin boys she is expecting in December. Tracey knows it will be hard
supporting them and is all ready worried.
10. Patty, age 11 loves school and learning English. Her mom lost her baby earlier this year and Patty tries to cheer her up.
She is very well mannered. She loves Hannah Montana and video games or “girl stuff”. She is a size 12. Her stepsister
Dariella is 13 years old struggles in school but loves music.. She is a size 14
11. This family is all HIV positive except the baby. Because of the help of the program baby Sampson will be the genetic
survivor to carry on his family’s history. Venerie is 13 years old loves to do crafts and puzzles and Hanna Montana. She
loves to make things, perhaps a craft kit? She is a size 14. Willard is eleven years old and is very ill. He has gone from a
very active boy to having to spending most of his time in bed. A video game of some sort, especially relating to soccer
would be wonderful. He is a size 14. Prince Sampson is two years old now and very active. He loves to eat. He likes cars
and trucks and dogs. He is a size 4.
12. Elizabeth is 13 years and has had a sad year as her 16 year old brother, whom she was very close to, died earlier this
year. She loves soccer and loves to talk and go to church. She would love a soccer ball or soccer uniform or a hand held
soccer game. She says to tell Santa she doesn’t want any Barbie’s! She is tall and thin, a size 14. Her sister, Ritza is 10
years loves to read and sing in church. She speaks English and is passionate about retaining it in her culture. She doesn’t
like dolls either and she would like a toy computer to play with or educational toys. She is a size 12. Bridgette is 8 years old
and plays with dolls, loves to comb their hair and dress them. She would like a Barbie doll or some hair things. She is a
size 8
13. Little Jenny, age six and lives is homeless with her mom and baby brother. She got to be a princess last year during the
parade as someone sent her a flower girl dress and it is still the highlight of her life She loves to play with baby dolls, or
dishes. She is a size 6x. Jackson is 18 months old, Jenny’s brother, and eats everything, including things he shouldn’t. He
likes cars. His Mom is extremely poor and homeless so clothing is a real necessity. He is a size 2
14. Enma is thirteen and loves to do her own hair and sews things.She does not go to school as she has taken care of her
Mom who has been quite ill for some time now. She could use some sewing supplies, embroidery thread and sequins:
anything to make her creations beautiful. She is a size 16
15.This family of four beautiful children are all HIV negative due to the program. Sharika is six years old. She loves
telephones and puzzles. She takes care of her younger sister and brother while her Mom washes clothes for people. She
would like an educational toy, she speaks English. She is a size 6X. Doris is four years old and weighed two pounds when
she was born. Although still fragile looking, still she is a tough little girl and loves to jump, eats everything and is very active.
She loves dollies, loves dresses and looking pretty. She is a size 3. Jack is 3 years old now. Very active, also an eater and
loves cars and building things. He is a size 4 Max is two years old and is quiet and likes animals. He is a size 3.
16. This family is a mix of children and grandchildren headed by a strong grandmother who lives with them in the swamp.
Eddie is 12 years old and loves remote cars and video games. He is loves school and loves to play soccer. He is a size 12
Glendis age 10 years old and is smart and loves to help her very ill father. She has become an expert nurse. She would like
Barbie’s and accessories. She is a size 12. Teresa is six years old and is smart and loves books. She looks after her little
sister and loves small miniature toys. She would like a dollhouse or small doll house furniture. She is a size 6x. Jenny
Elizabeth is three and as cute as it gets. She loves books and food. She likes dancing and music and is very active. She is
a size 4
17. This little boys Mom was a friend of mine who died several years ago. My promise to her to keep her children safe has
been so strained by our resources and homes available. Alex is eight years old. He plays quietly and likes to escape
outside at every opportunity. He would like a soccer ball or a baseball bat and ball. He is a size eight. Ryan 14, loves
history, hates Math and would like a watch or clothes (size 16).
18. This little girl’s mom adores her but struggles to keep her fed. Jennifer is four and very outgoing. She loves to be busy
and her mom thinks she would like kitchen things or something educational.
19. Jimaya is four years old. She loves the water and would like a kiddie pool. She was recently abandoned by her Mom so
she lives in our shelter.
20. This little family were in our shelter last year but have been split up as their Mom’s health issues have become more
concerning. We hope to have them celebrate Christmas together. Jasmine is ten years old and loves to be the boss and
loves to play dress up and is quite the young lady. She would like a beading kit or craft kit. She is a size 10. Alexsito is
seven and he is typical all boy, cars, dog. He joined our family this year when another home for him could not be found. He
is a size 8. Giselle is five and very delicate. She loves dolls and books.
21.This family always seems to have the worst luck. Their Mom is almost blind from an AIDS related illness and this year their Dad fell off a ladder and broke his arm in two places so he can’t work. They struggle to feed their children and could not do it without the programs help. Glendy (girl) age 15 is tall and thin, she would like to have makeup/toiletries and clothes. Ludi (boy) aged 13 loves soccer and eating! Christian is 10 years old and also loves to play with cars He would like a remote control car of any kind. He is a size 12. Kevin is five years old and wants a Tonka Truck. Clothes would be great as well. He is a size 6.
22. This family has committed themselves to getting their children a good education so every penny they get goes to their
schooling. As a result food and clothes often suffer. Sergio is 13 years old helps a lot supporting his family and is an
honour student would like some sort of hand held video game. Carla is eleven years old and she is very shy and serious,
she plays dolls by herself a lot and takes very good care of her toys. She is also doing very well in school. She loves “Little
Pet Shop ‘animals. Albert is nine years old and hates school but loves airplanes.He hopes to be a pilot some day. He is a
size 10. Sergio is seven years old and is gentle, sensitive boy. He is very mechanical and would like a building set. He is a
size 8.
23. This is one of our foster homes of loving mothers who work magic. If only we had more! Damien-Leon 12 is well
behaved, loves school and loves cars. He would like Matchbox cars or any little cars like that. Roxanna ages 7 is the baby
of her family and alternates between being very sweet or very bossy. She says she wants a “beautiful doll”
24. Samuel aged 13 lost his Mom late last year. We have had a hard time finding a home for him as he is HIV positive, so
he has been in three homes so far this year. He has been very quiet since then; He says he wants a hand held video game
25. This is probably our poorest family this year. Both Mom and Dad are too sick to work and are skin and bones. We often
pool any money anyone in the office has just so these little ones won’t starve. If you choose a child from this family we are
asking if you will also send powdered milk or peanut butter as well for them. Jasmin is six years old and loves to dress up.
She would like Santa to bring her a princess costume. Norma is five years old but doesn’t like baby dolls but likes Barbie’s.
Jose is a two and is very active and loves music.
26. This family has done a bit better this year as Dad has recovered enough to work again. HE shares a taxi job with another man so they are still struggling though. Faviola is 13 is shy and timid , tall and thin. She would like a radio or CD player. She barely ever speaks. Daniella is seven and loves Hannah Montana. Jorge is 6 and likes Diego and cars.
27. This Mom was so sick at one point that she was in our palliative care program. She has bounced back, fighting for her life for her son and adopted daughter. Eric aged six: Eric is a quiet shy little boy who plays by himself. He loves art and creating things. Daisy is two years old and tall and strong and beautiful. She would like a ride-on-car.
28. This family of five children joined our program two and a half years ago too late to save their baby from HIV transmission. The Mom told her girls she was positive last year and they older girls have started doing her jobs, helping her. Roxanna 15, quiet and shy, would like an art set. Nancy age 13 loves to talk to her girlfriends and would like music CDs as last year someone gave her a CD player she has taken very good care of. Anthony 8 Loves to make music. He would like a drum set Gabriel 6 (boy) loves building things and make belief. A Lego set would be wonderful. Genisis (girl) 3 years. Loves to ride on top of things and would like a small ride – em toy.
29. Her single mom was beaten and left for dead earlier this year. She is one strong woman though and is almost recovered Jade (girl) age 8 is a little chubby, very smiley, happy girl who loves to cook; she would like a baking set
30. This family live high in the hills in a makeshift shack with 14 people living in it. They don’t go to school as they have no sponsors and the parents could not possibly afford uniforms, even for public school. Olvin age 10 (boy) loves Star wars and would like a light sabre. Jose age 11 a funny, class clown kind of kid (with no class!) who would like a toy microphone as he’s a born entertainer Flori (girl) age 14 has worked so hard this year caring for her brothers and sister while her mom works. She needs something to remind her that she can still have fun. Jedia is five years old and she would like a Barbie and some Barbie clothes she tells me.
31. This little family’s life became so much better this year when their daughter was sponsored for English School. They are so optimistic and hopeful for the future. Keiley (girl 13) A very smart girl who loves to joke around. She would like a camera Wendi age 10, Still loves Barbie’s and would like a teacher Barbie or some school supplies. Jessiel 6 (boy) is VERY active and needs active toys to keep him busy!
32. These two little girls have a single Mom who washes clothes or scrubs floors for money. Their Mom keeps their hair braided beautifully and they are the cutest little girls! Shantaye 6 A tiny little girl who like to play house and with baby dolls. Shamaye 5 yrs is adorable. She likes to make puppets, maybe some puppets or a small puppet theatre?
33. O’Neil is five years and adored by his very young Mom. He is very active and destructive. Make his present something tough!
34. These children’s Mom travels across the island to look for cleaning jobs. As it is known she has AIDS it is difficult for her to work as ignorance still exists about transmission. Jarrold (boy 10), is quiet but very smart and loving. He likes transformers Stacey (girl 14) wants school supplies or clothes or “girl stuff” She is a size 16. Lorenso 12, Supports his family by selling mangos and fish. He would like a CD player or something that plays music. Jaden two years. Thin and tall he has an infectious smile and wants something that makes music.
35. This family of active girls are as bright and as bubbly as their single Mom. Jahayra aged 5 Wants something that she can play store with because she is going to own a store when she grows up she tells me. Jas (girl) aged 6. Loves her school and loves learning English. She wants English books and some things to play school with Janessa aged 12. Is a born actress and loves to dress up and act out stories or songs. Costumes would be great, size 14.
36. These two sweet children have blossomed and grown in their new school. Their single Mom appreciates the sponsorship so much that she cries when she talks about it. Cristian (boy aged 6), has a lisp and is so sweet and gentle. He would like a Noah’s ark! (I’m sure if no such thing is available he’d love plastic animals.) Teresa (girl aged 12) loves books, and interesting scientific things.
37. Oh Louisa Louisa, someone should have named her Tempest! Louisa aged 6 is our little toughie, so outspoken and rough and yet loves animals and carefully cares for the little Pet Shop animals someone sent her a year ago. She would like a pet shop house.
38. These two little boys are still recovering from their brother’s death with AIDS. Bryan 11 is careful and precise. He would like a model airplane. Ramón 13 loves to tease and wants a watch please.
39. These four children lost their little sister some time back but still visit her grave and share their toys with her by leaving some one the grave site I have noticed. Michelle age 4 (girl) asked me “does Santa have a dolly with a little stroller?” I told her I would ask Alexito, age 7, lives on the top of the mountain and is quick and athletic. He wants a remote control car or truck. Gladis , age 10 is an amazingly artistic child, Paint sets, craft sets, anything she can do with her hands would be wonderful. Ingrid age 12. Is in an English school this year so she would like English school and some battery operated game or toy that “speaks” English to her.
40. Alejandra 11 yrs Comes from a mom who is very strict, no makeup or Barbie’s allowed. Mom is trying to protect her daughter fromall the influences that led to her own AIDS. Art supplies, board games and books are encouraged.
41. Sulma 14 years. Loves to knot and crochet things for her family and friends .She would like some wool or some craft kits.
42. This little girl was adopted by one of our families after their baby died with AIDS. She does not replace her child of course but it allows the Mom to put some of her love into a good place. Natalie age 9 This little girl is so sweet and very clever. She would like an educational toy.
43. This Mom sweeps the roads in Coxen Hole to buy food for her kids. They live in the swamp. Jenny is nine years old She loves Barbie’s and wants a “boy Barbie”. Carlos is four and plays all day. He loves Batman. He wants a “big truck”.
44. These three belong to my assistant; her mom looks after them, her two sons and her niece, while she works. Her Mom is also ill with AIDS however so we need to find a better solution for them. Kristoff is 4 years old and very shy. He Loves the movie “Cars” and would like the movie or toys. Kurt is 2 yrs old. He’s very active loves soccer and music. Gabriella aged 6 and is very sweet and cries when any one raises their voice at her. She loves her Dora doll and would like something else “Dora”.
45. This little girl is being raised by her dad after her Mom’s death. Often women die before men with this virus.
Carla is seven and wants a small suitcase with wheels so she can carry all her books to school in it.
46. Sierra is three months old and would like anything. Her Mom is fifteen and is asking for blankets and clothes for her.
47. These two are cute as anything but David has been very, very sick this year. We all have our fingers crossed for him. His little sister is negative, another success of the program. David is six and loves cars and football and video games (even though he’s never actually owned one!) Nereyda is four and tough and sweet at the same time. She is a size 5 and would like clothes or a Dora dolly.
48. This little girl lost her baby brother because her Mom gave her all her food. Jamie is five and tells me she wants food for
49. These children live with their grandma as their Mom died some time ago. Ossie; age 6, also lost his twin brother to the virus. Ossie came too late into our program s he is HIV positive as well but doing well. He loves motorcycles Small for his age he is a
size 5.Tiffianay is 14 and interested in boys and music!
50. These four girls Mom is very ill and maynot survive until Christmas. Shaquiri is 16 and has taken over most of the cooking and cleaning duties. She is tall and thin and would like clothes. Shaniri is 13 and is going to school and would like school things and beads.Shanaya is seven and would like a Barbie dolls and loves school.


September 15, 2011

A young mother in Roatan holds up a sign with a simple message, “Thank you for saving his life.”
An image of the woman is part of a slide show that Valerie Nelson presented to students at St. Anthony’s School. Nelson is the director of Famillias Saludables, the agency that administers the Morgan Jayne Project in Roatan.
She explains the woman holding the sign learned that Nelson would be travelling to Drumheller, and wanted to share a message with the people of Drumheller. Her message was simple. “Thank you for saving his life.”
Nelson was in town over the weekend with the goal to thank the people of Drumheller for their support of the Morgan Jayne Project, which currently provides about half of the infant formula given to the Children of HIV infected mothers on the impoverished Island, to curb the spread of AIDS.
Part of this was taking in the Red Eye Memorial Ball tournament, which is held in memory of Morgan Jayne and Chris Bolin, and splits the proceeds between the two causes.
Nelson said the Saturday night at the ball tournament coincided with Children’s Day in Honduras. It is like Mother’s Day, only on Children’s day, the kids are showered with generosity.
“I was out there thinking how appropriate it was that while it was Children’s Day in Honduras, I was in Drumheller with people who have saved so many of the kids. So many of our kids wouldn’t be celebrating Children’s Day if it wasn’t because of the project,” said Nelson.
“It really was overwhelming to me because the Morgan Jayne Project has made such a big impact, we couldn’t survive without it.” “These people were out there playing ball, and serving hamburgers. They have never been to Roatan, maybe not even know where Honduras is… and yet they do it to save children they don’t know, and it is such a testimony to the people.”
The bread and butter of the Morgan Jayne Project is providing formula, and it has literally saved lives. Last year Nelson was going over her books at the clinic, and it occurred to her that they have achieved 100 per cent success in curbing mother-to-child transmission of AIDS.
The Morgan Jayne Project has moved beyond providing formula. The Morgan Jayne Infant Care Center has been up and running for two years, and was part of the reason Famillias Saludables was able to achieve zero mother-to-child transmission. The project has supported the school, provide medicine and every year helps to fill the Christmas wish list.
“The Christmas program give the kids their childhood back, so what more could you want?” said Nelson.
Nelson made it a goal on her brief visit to Drumheller to show her appreciation to as many people in the valley that have supported the project. Part of this was visiting the student body at St. Anthony’s, visiting the Rotary Club and doing a public presentation at the new Elim Pentecostal Tabernacle at the former Central School.
While there have been some great successes, the struggle continues. Nelson said the economy has hit Roatan hard, and similarity Famillias Saludables. Many of their American donors have not been able to keep up support. The project has adapted by alternating months to have power, and can only guarantee six months of formula to the mothers.
“We used to guarantee 12 months, but the last couple months have been stressful, so we dropped it to six months. Six months is all they need to avoid the transmission, but we always have given them 12 months to fatten them up and keep them healthy.”
One of the messages she brought to students and supporters beyond the project is demonstrating how every person can make a difference by their actions. The Morgan Jayne Project has given children a new chance at life.
Article credit to the Drumheller Mail and Pat Kolafa


August 25, 2011
We have exciting news from The Morgan Jayne Project!Valerie Nelson, the administrator of the project in Roatan will be in Drumheller!
Valerie will be helping us at the Red Eye Memorial on Saturday September 10 and 11th. If you would like to come and meet
her come on out to the Hoo Doo Campground and grab a burger or hot dog, watch a bit of great slo-pitch. All proceeds are split between The Chris Bolin Memorial Fund and The Morgan Jayne Project. Valerie would like to be able to thank each and everyone of you for your undying support for the babies.
We are very short of volunteers to cook if you can lend a hand….we sure would appreciate it. All cooking spots are open…lots of fun, with really flexible hours.
In the evening of September 12, (Monday) Valerie will be doing a presentation on the project and AIDS and again would really like the chance to meet you. It will be held at the Elim Pentecostal Church (the old central school) at 7:00 p.m.
If you have the evening free please attend. I can definitely attest to life changing stories and events that are a part of Valerie’s everyday life helping those desperately poor and sick who would otherwise die without her never ending efforts.
Please plan to attend I would love the chance to say thanks along with Valerie.
We need your help….”babies die waiting”
Morgan’s Dad





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