December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!
What a year, 2008. We have had so many wonderful things happen in The Morgan Jayne Project this year.
We have had first’s: The first Ride for Morgan Jayne. A bike rally theme that we hope will spread and other motorcycle riders, will “Ride for Morgan Jayne…the Ride She Never Took”. The some of the first items on line to support the project, tshirts at Island BMW and Candles through Nature’s Essential Garden. A hopefully annual fall fair pancake breakfast. The toy drive during the Drumheller Dragons Junior A Hockey Games. We had repeat events. Christmas Candle Sales,
The Battle of Alberta Rode Hockey Game.

I managed, with the help of Paula and Brad Peake, to go and see the project. I have so many stories to tell… on this website check out the photos, most are self explaining. They show the beauty of the island, and the tragedy of the island.
We meet moms and babies who are alive because of all that everyone does to help the project. They are ALIVE because of what people, hundreds, thousand of miles away choose to do for them. It is mind numbing to think that over 250 babies would be buried if it wasn’t for the project…dead.
This is the success story of the year…WE SAVED BABIES. It’s just that simple.
We visited slums and some wonderful, but absolutely poor people. We visited families living at the dump off the dump. We visited the hospital, a foul place with no running water. We visited prisoners in jail. It was for me, a life changing experience.

In the end I can tell you one thing for certain…”Every penny we send, goes exactly where it is supposed to go …to the kids”.
We have put the plea out for funds to help build The Morgan Jayne Infant Care Centre. Hopefully the Clinic will get it’s start in the New Year. If you can help, please this is such a worthy cause and will save even more babies. If you can’t help financially, please spread our website around. We will never divert money to advertising…so the word gets out with people who tell others.
Thank you to everyone…you are changing the world.

Merry Christmas and the Best for the New Year
Fred Makowecki
Morgan’s Dad

December 18, 2008

We need a Christmas Miracle to Help with the construction of The Morgan Jayne Infant Care Centre. Hi, Okay, you have me believing that it will happen here!!! We have been doing our part here and this is coming together beautifully. The plans are completed, the materials have been itemized, costed out and the order and contract is ready for signing. They can complete the center in eight weeks. They need half down and the other half on all we need is the money! The cost is still forty thousand including a thousand square feet, a small kitchen, bathroom and baby bathing area, an office and three bed rooms, base posts on the sloped property, front porch and upgraded electrical.Of course donations of electrical , labor etc. have made this possible to keep the cost less than half of what it would be.

Every day we have to turn babies away as we don’t have the room. Where do these babies go..most of them end up with someone who didn’t really want them and are neglected and die. Yesterday, Nereyda, our psychologist, dragged a mom into my office whose five day old baby was dirty and, despite the rain, dressed only in an undershirt and diaper.This is a mom who asked us to take the baby a week ago as she is a prostitute and an alcoholic and didnt want the baby. We were unable to take this little guy. Nereyda (in true Central American way) berated this women about the care of this infant and explained how this poor little HIV exposed thing would die if not cared for properly and the Mom just shrugged and said she didn’t care.I immediately thought of calling Jane who is house mothering Baby Will for us as I knew shed say yes as her heart is so big but I also knew she has two babies in her bed all ready at night and it would be cheating the other two. So we left this little Christmas baby with his Mom with heavy hearts.This center is my Christmas wish.Thank you for helping
us even allow ourselves this dream.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Morgan’s Dad

November 4, 2008

Thanks to everyone who made this years Christmas list a smashing success. We have sent 61 boxes. A total of over 600kg of supplies and gifts for the kids. So many people have made this Christmas miracle possible.

All the people on the project collecting, packaging, filling out customs and postal papers. All the people manning our booth at the hockey games. All the people who took the time to collect, buy and throw a buck to help us…. Thank you. We have helped to make a Christmas in a poor country a little better for children suffering extreme poverty.

Dan Dannhauer and I will be leaving with more supplies on November 15th. I will be taking down hugs from you all. Our work is never done. If you are touched by the project and would like to get involved. Call or write.We are all volunteers…so naturally any help we get is welcomed.
Merry Christmas and God Bless
Fred Makowecki
Morgan’s Dad

September 4, 2008
This is Baby Will. He was born yesterday.
He is the 12th child of a 29 year old crack addicted prostitute. The man who is probably his father is in jail on the mainland for taking a machete to the baby’s mother when she was 6 months pregnant with him. Will was born having grand mal seizure and his little body has had more than twenty grand mal seizures since yesterday.He can not maintain his own oxygen levels. In any country he would be a baby in trouble.

See that hand in the picture? That’s my hand,but in essence it is YOUR hand, as the Morgan Jayne project has all ready played a big presence in his life. He is drinking a high calorie formula bought from MJ, he is wearing socks both from MJ donations, he has been given seizure medication both with funds form MJ. His oxygen tank that will let him take each breath was refilled today with funds from MJ as the hospital does not have the funds to pay for more than one tank per person and he used his since yesterday!

Baby Will is a historical baby in one regard and that is that he is officially the first baby who will be a client of our new residential baby program. Right now this program is running out of our house but we hope one day to build and adjoining center to house at least eight infants at once. Will will be discharged in a day or two and we will watch his seizures , administer his meds , including his HIV meds to decrease his chance of transmission and we will get him through what we know will be weeks of addiction in his little body. When Will is better we will place him for adoption with a loving family (somewhat appropriate as so many years ago Morgan was placed with a loving family as well).

So once again I cant begin to thank You Morgan Jayne Supporters. Consider that your hand on Wills heart – protecting, caring and meeting his needs.
Love Valerie





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